Friday, 30 July 2010

Plans for August.

Things are going to slow a bit over the holiday period but I have made up my mind what's coming up next. As you can see the second battalion of Old Guard grenadiers is complete (well I just need to stick on the backpacks) and I'm quite pleased with them overall.

I was considering trying to do a British Hussar unit next using the Perry French box, but a bit of research means that it wont really work as the British Hussars seem to have used large saddle covers with dogs teeth decoration and the French used smaller sheepskins. So I have now decided to do 2 battalions of Highlanders using the Victrix box set. I'm afraid the images on the Victrix site meant I just could not resist them! I last painted Highlanders back in 2007 (see here) when I started this blog with 15mm Essex figures before changing to 28mm, and I was really pleased with the result. The larger scale means more care and detail on the kilts etc but I will take my time with them. I have chosen 2 units from the Waterloo campaign of course, the 42nd 'Black watch' and the 92nd, two fine and distinguished regiments. I will be using just the 'centre company' box set and adding a few wings from spare parts etc as needed.

The follow up to the Highlanders will then be a unit of British Heavy Dragoons and a unit of British 10th Hussars, all metal.

Total now painted is: 238 figures.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

2nd Old Guard Battalion underway.

Been a quiet week on the painting front. I have completed the 4 metal command figures for the KGL battalion (just need to finish the basing) and now I'm starting on the 2nd Old Guard Battalion, just the first washes on so far. I will only paint the 2 x 16 figure battalions for the Guard but I hope to be able to put together a few skirmisher stands for them from my bits and pieces box later.

I'm still thinking about what I want to paint next! I'm torn between an 8 figure metal British heavy dragoon unit OR a British /KGL Hussar unit using that incredible Perry plastic box set! I know they are French but the vast choice of parts would make it easy to do such a unit. I know that I was moaning about plastic figures recently but in my opinion the Perry plastics are way superior to the Victrix in terms of fine detail and moulding and I have long wanted to paint a Hussar unit! I'll make up my mind as I paint the rest of the Old Guard Grenadiers.

Total figures now painted is 222 since the beginning of the year.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Review part 2 - more pics!

Further to the post below, more pics taken 7 months since starting this project.

Review - 7 months on.

Thought it was time to take a look at how the projects going so far. Its 7 months now since I started this in 28mm and I have broken through the 200 figure mark. Overall I'm pleased with my new collection and I'm looking forward to being able to have a game with them once I have some British cavalry and more artillery.

I have posted a series of photos taken under a few CFL bulbs including some 'daylight' bulbs. They show everything painted so far and that includes the Victrix artillery set that I have rebased and tried to 'improve'. Its funny how those scale discrepancies seem to disappear one you stand back a couple of feet!

My target was for 400 painted figures by December so I'm not doing too badly.

I hope you enjoy these photos. I may have add them over 2 or 3 posts!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A terrible accident !

Well its not that bad but I managed to knock over a glass of red wine all over my favourite old book! had it for more years than I care to remember and its a 1971 first edition of Rene North's lovely and very accurate 'Regiments at Waterloo'. It has been falling to pieces despite being re bound twice by myself during my years in the printing trade. Nothing I can do and at least the pictures are OK, mainly the edges got soaked but the cover is ruined. I got it out to look at the British heavy dragoon uniforms along with the osprey title 'Wellington's heavy cavalry' but that escaped unscathed at least. I'm planning an order for a unit of these figures next. I think I'll go with Front Rank for these as I want big horses to match the Perry plastic French I have. I find the perry metal 'heavy' horses rather slimmer in the hindquarters.

You can also see some French line artillery crew I have just finished painting, I'll post these once the gun is painted. These are perry metal and very good figures. I'm having problems pinning down the cuff detail of these, can anyone help please? Were they lined with white as in the infantry or just plain red?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

British artillery - take 2.

Here is the first completed Royal Artillery gun and crew in metal. I'm far happier with these than with the plastic Victrix set painted a few posts back. Just one small niggle now ....... I cant help noticing how much smaller in stature these Perry crew are than the Victrix figures! Not much I can do about that now, but its noticeable that even the Perry French line artillery crew I have undercoated seem larger overall. Its a shame as the figures were a joy to paint and the detail is so much more defined. The plastic artillery have now been removed from the collection.

I have a few more Perry metal figures left to paint plus another 16 figure Victrix Guard battalion and after that it will over to Front Rank so hopefully these annoying inconsistencies will end.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Heavy Metal!

Having completed the first battalion of Old Guard with just the backpacks to be glued on I have decided to paint a Perry Miniatures metal British artillery crew before painting the second battalion. Its immediately apparent just how much better in terms of detail and definition the Perry's are so I have now decided that I am going to ditch the 3 gun plastic battery completely. Something about them left me feeling unhappy with them and I think was the cause of the 'wobble' that I experienced in my recent post! As its only 12 figures I think its better to remove them now from the collection and replace them with metal. The crew are excellent, stripped for action as indeed they would be, and lacking those full dress belts and cords etc as portrayed on the rather stiff and formal Victrix. The gun is also much 'meatier' looking all round with improved barrel detail. I know that I will be far happier with these.

If anyone can use a plastic Victrix British battery they are most welcome to have them free of charge together with the rest of the contents of the box. Just let me know:

I still plan to use Army Painter shade over all of my collection so far, as soon as I can grab some, and I hope this will tone down some of the brightness of the figures a little.