Tuesday, 20 July 2010

2nd Old Guard Battalion underway.

Been a quiet week on the painting front. I have completed the 4 metal command figures for the KGL battalion (just need to finish the basing) and now I'm starting on the 2nd Old Guard Battalion, just the first washes on so far. I will only paint the 2 x 16 figure battalions for the Guard but I hope to be able to put together a few skirmisher stands for them from my bits and pieces box later.

I'm still thinking about what I want to paint next! I'm torn between an 8 figure metal British heavy dragoon unit OR a British /KGL Hussar unit using that incredible Perry plastic box set! I know they are French but the vast choice of parts would make it easy to do such a unit. I know that I was moaning about plastic figures recently but in my opinion the Perry plastics are way superior to the Victrix in terms of fine detail and moulding and I have long wanted to paint a Hussar unit! I'll make up my mind as I paint the rest of the Old Guard Grenadiers.

Total figures now painted is 222 since the beginning of the year.


Rafael Pardo said...

Well for the KGL guys!
The blue of your Guards seems to me a bit light. Is it a lighting effect?

Lee said...

Hi Rafa,

It may be the lighting as blue often seems to be lighter in my pics! I used several sources to get the correct blue BUT there does seem to be a lot of variation when you look at images across the web. I do prefer the brighter look to my figures though.


Stryker said...

It has to be Hussars! Your painting rate works out an average of 1 per day not bad compared to my own of 0.02!


Lee said...

Hi Ian,

Time seems to have gone so fast! This is the most figures I have painted in years,I hope I can keep going. All the time during this blog I have in the back of my mind my first ever collection of Airfix Napoleonics and the school friend who was such a good painter. I got on well with him but he had a bit of a reputation as the 'tough boy' but he painted figures brilliantly as it seemed then, used to take figures in and the teacher would show the whole class, I was blown away by them. Anyway,I ended up with a lovely collection of Airfix and I guess I'm basically trying to get back in touch in some way with that time.

I think that's what attracted me to the Perry Hussars, remembering that brilliant Airfix box of British 10th Hussars!

Cheers Ian,


CLUNY said...

Nice woork,i just want to share my blog with you.


Lee said...

Thanks CLUNY, I like those RHA figures that you are painting too. I'll keep watching your blog.