Friday, 2 July 2010

Heavy Metal!

Having completed the first battalion of Old Guard with just the backpacks to be glued on I have decided to paint a Perry Miniatures metal British artillery crew before painting the second battalion. Its immediately apparent just how much better in terms of detail and definition the Perry's are so I have now decided that I am going to ditch the 3 gun plastic battery completely. Something about them left me feeling unhappy with them and I think was the cause of the 'wobble' that I experienced in my recent post! As its only 12 figures I think its better to remove them now from the collection and replace them with metal. The crew are excellent, stripped for action as indeed they would be, and lacking those full dress belts and cords etc as portrayed on the rather stiff and formal Victrix. The gun is also much 'meatier' looking all round with improved barrel detail. I know that I will be far happier with these.

If anyone can use a plastic Victrix British battery they are most welcome to have them free of charge together with the rest of the contents of the box. Just let me know:

I still plan to use Army Painter shade over all of my collection so far, as soon as I can grab some, and I hope this will tone down some of the brightness of the figures a little.


Stryker said...

Those Old Guard c'est magnifique! Call me old fashioned but I do feel that metal figures are best and more deserving of your excellent painting. Are you really sure about the Army Painter though?


Lee said...

Hello Ian,

Thanks for the comment. I agree about metal figures, something about the weight and feel of them makes painting them more rewarding. I feel that I have got enough units under my belt now to slow down a bit and take more care.

Are you not keen on Army painter Ian? Most pics I have seen show an improvement in the depth and shading if its done carefully, especially around cross belts etc. Seems to be all the rage at the moment! Expensive stuff though.


Stryker said...

I haven't actually tried the Army Painter to be honest Lee but I'm not all that impressed with the pics I've seen on various blogs. I guess I should give it a go before dissing it. Call me old fashioned (again) but I don't really think there is a quick fix solution to producing good looking figures. I will be interested to see what effect it has on your figures though. I like the brighter look on Napoleonics but that is a matter of personal taste.