Friday, 30 July 2010

Plans for August.

Things are going to slow a bit over the holiday period but I have made up my mind what's coming up next. As you can see the second battalion of Old Guard grenadiers is complete (well I just need to stick on the backpacks) and I'm quite pleased with them overall.

I was considering trying to do a British Hussar unit next using the Perry French box, but a bit of research means that it wont really work as the British Hussars seem to have used large saddle covers with dogs teeth decoration and the French used smaller sheepskins. So I have now decided to do 2 battalions of Highlanders using the Victrix box set. I'm afraid the images on the Victrix site meant I just could not resist them! I last painted Highlanders back in 2007 (see here) when I started this blog with 15mm Essex figures before changing to 28mm, and I was really pleased with the result. The larger scale means more care and detail on the kilts etc but I will take my time with them. I have chosen 2 units from the Waterloo campaign of course, the 42nd 'Black watch' and the 92nd, two fine and distinguished regiments. I will be using just the 'centre company' box set and adding a few wings from spare parts etc as needed.

The follow up to the Highlanders will then be a unit of British Heavy Dragoons and a unit of British 10th Hussars, all metal.

Total now painted is: 238 figures.

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