Saturday, 10 July 2010

A terrible accident !

Well its not that bad but I managed to knock over a glass of red wine all over my favourite old book! had it for more years than I care to remember and its a 1971 first edition of Rene North's lovely and very accurate 'Regiments at Waterloo'. It has been falling to pieces despite being re bound twice by myself during my years in the printing trade. Nothing I can do and at least the pictures are OK, mainly the edges got soaked but the cover is ruined. I got it out to look at the British heavy dragoon uniforms along with the osprey title 'Wellington's heavy cavalry' but that escaped unscathed at least. I'm planning an order for a unit of these figures next. I think I'll go with Front Rank for these as I want big horses to match the Perry plastic French I have. I find the perry metal 'heavy' horses rather slimmer in the hindquarters.

You can also see some French line artillery crew I have just finished painting, I'll post these once the gun is painted. These are perry metal and very good figures. I'm having problems pinning down the cuff detail of these, can anyone help please? Were they lined with white as in the infantry or just plain red?


Stryker said...

Hi Lee - that sounds gutting about the book (aren't you suppose to clean out red wine stains with white wine?). I will be interested to see the finished French gun.


Rafael Pardo said...

No problem, spilled wine is joy! (at least in Spain)

Lee said...

I did curse a bit when it happened but at least most of the inside pages are just stained around the edges. Funny thing is that I did exactly the same thing with another nice old book Bruce Quarries "Napoleonic Wargaming' about 6 years ago! I shall have to be more careful :-)