Tuesday, 31 August 2010

More Highlander pics!

Managed to base the 42nd today and add the Victrix supplied flags. Took them out in the sun for some pics. Overall I'm very happy to add them to my collection and I have to say this box set is a superb set with excellent detail.

Monday, 30 August 2010

42nd Foot finished.

I like to try and update this blog once per week so heres the latest news! I have just completed the 16 figures of the 42nd foot, still need to add the flags and base them. I've run out of the Perry plastic bases so will order more this week. They're £1 a sprue and save a lot of time in my opinion so I'll wait until they arrive before basing the Highlanders.

Total figures painted so far is now 268. As you can see I now have those 4 figures needed to complte French infantry battalion number 8 (cheers Bob) so I'll do those next and get them based and finished.

An order is going in to Perry for the first of my British cavalry, a unit of 8 heavy dragoons and 8 Light Dragoons as they dont do Hussars yet, in addition to a supply of plastic bases as said above.

I still have another 16 figure battalion of Highlanders to paint yet, the 92nd, so I may just paint those before moving onto the cavalry, I'll see how quickly the cavalry order arrives.

As I've been sitting finishing the 42nd this morning I could hear the drums of members of the Napoleonic Association marching through the village high street from their camp site, I had to go have a look! A stirring site to see the colours fluttering at the head of the column of infantry and artillery and very inspirational too.

I'm hoping to sort out a game in the near future using the rules I mentioned previously, just a run through to get a feel for them so I'm now thinking about terrain/buildings etc. I need to start from scratch here as everything I owned was long ago sold off, but hopefully it wont be too long before I can get a battle report on this blog.

I'll add better quality pictures once the figures below are all based and finished.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Phew, first 8 Highlanders completed!

Finally, I managed to complete the first 8 figures of the 42nd Highlanders and I have to admit to finding them challenging. The kilts were harder than I thought and after 2 attempts to accurately paint the dark tartan I went for this 'wet in wet' impression as being the best I could do. I was going to add the red over-stripe but it would seem that this may not have been present by 1815 due to tartan supply problems, although it was present up to 1812. Overall though and as a wargames unit I am happy with them. Now I have the next 8 figures including the drummer and piper to finish the 42nd, After that its straight onto the 92nd with their lighter tartan.

I don't think they stand close scrutiny when enlarged like this, but at normal size they don't look too bad I think!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Undercoat issues!

Well, having decided to try a black undercoat on the Highlanders I quickly realised that it was going to be a struggle to get that red coverage, the reason I changed to white in the first place. I just could not get the Foundry red to cover well and found it frustrating. So what to do? I walked away from for a couple of days before deciding to drybrush the black u/coat with white to highlight them, leaving some black shadow in shadow areas. I don't know how this is going to turn out but I reckon it will be Ok and certainly the red has covered well in one go. If this does work out I'll use it on the rest of the highlanders. Just wanted to post this picture here for comparison when finished. You never know, it might turn out to be a useful method :-)

Back in a few days with the finished figures hopefully.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Not done much painting this last week but now my Victrix Highlanders are here and I'm itching to get started on them. I have to say that inspite of my earlier moans and groans about the Victrix plastics these are a superb box of figures! They go together very well but do require patience and a steady hand. As I learned from the artillery box its important not to just strip the sprues before assembly as the arms really do need to be paired up and are numbered on the sprues for this reason. Its a huge box too with 8 full sprues packed with limbs, bodies, heads, packs, swords etc, a real assembly job unlike the Perry's. The heads/faces are brilliant and on a par with any metal figure I have seen, and I have to say far better than Perry's in my opinion. So a big thumbs up from me, the first 8 are ready for undercoating and I hope to get a few colours on them tomorrow as I have a free morning.
If you buy from Total Wargamer (link below) the Victrix boxes are just £15.96 each and a very friendly service.
Final note, I have been offered 6 more Perry plastic French to complete the unit shown in previous post and I'm sending him the rest of my Old Guard box in return as I had no plans to use any more. Cheers Bill!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

250 'not out!'

I have completed the last 12 Perry French infantry that I managed to put together whilst waiting for my Victrix Highland Infantry order to arrive (see below) and that brings up my total painted figures now to 250. I need to add another 4 figures to complete this unit but I don't plan to use any more Perry plastic French infantry so I'll need to add 4 more fusiliers from the metal range later. I have decided to stick with the black undercoat for the 2 Highland units when I do them.

Unfortunately my Highlander box looks like its gone astray in the post. Its been 5 days since it was dispatched by (link) 'Total Wargamer' who I mentioned a few posts back. Having given it a few days I emailed TW this morning and received a reply within a couple of hours from Paul, who has kindly offered to resend my order if it still has not shown up in a couple more days time. Can't say fairer than that and I wanted to give them a mention for quality customer service. Hopefully the box will show up early next week to avoid this. Best prices I have found for Victrix figures and much more.

Just need to add backpacks etc and a flagpole to these in the meantime. If anyone happens to have 4 plastic Perry fusiliers laying around that they cant use I'd be happy to use them to finish off this unit :-)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Black undercoat.

While I'm waiting for my Victrix Highlander order to arrive I found 12 more French infantry including 3 metal command figures so I decided to give them a go over a black undercoat. I've painted the first 8 and found them fast to do but I'm not sure about the end result. Overall though I can see the deeper shades look quite nice. I'll finish this 16 figure battalion in this method by adding 4 Perry metals later, all with the black undercoat. I'm wondering if I should trial the black undercoat with the Scots when they arrive? I'm well out of practice with this method but maybe a bit more work and I could get a good result.

The 8 figures below were painted in 2 shortish sessions, no black was used except the undercoat. I had to try to tone down the shade on the trousers to match my existing figures and maybe I could have worked them a little more. I'll undercoat the 4 flank company figures I have left with the black undercoat and see what I can do.

Highlanders should be here any day now so just time to finish the next 4 and catch up with some backpacks!