Saturday, 7 August 2010

250 'not out!'

I have completed the last 12 Perry French infantry that I managed to put together whilst waiting for my Victrix Highland Infantry order to arrive (see below) and that brings up my total painted figures now to 250. I need to add another 4 figures to complete this unit but I don't plan to use any more Perry plastic French infantry so I'll need to add 4 more fusiliers from the metal range later. I have decided to stick with the black undercoat for the 2 Highland units when I do them.

Unfortunately my Highlander box looks like its gone astray in the post. Its been 5 days since it was dispatched by (link) 'Total Wargamer' who I mentioned a few posts back. Having given it a few days I emailed TW this morning and received a reply within a couple of hours from Paul, who has kindly offered to resend my order if it still has not shown up in a couple more days time. Can't say fairer than that and I wanted to give them a mention for quality customer service. Hopefully the box will show up early next week to avoid this. Best prices I have found for Victrix figures and much more.

Just need to add backpacks etc and a flagpole to these in the meantime. If anyone happens to have 4 plastic Perry fusiliers laying around that they cant use I'd be happy to use them to finish off this unit :-)

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Rafael Pardo said...

Always is a joy to find good sellers wanting to help us!
aaa and the grognards look impressive as always!