Monday, 30 August 2010

42nd Foot finished.

I like to try and update this blog once per week so heres the latest news! I have just completed the 16 figures of the 42nd foot, still need to add the flags and base them. I've run out of the Perry plastic bases so will order more this week. They're £1 a sprue and save a lot of time in my opinion so I'll wait until they arrive before basing the Highlanders.

Total figures painted so far is now 268. As you can see I now have those 4 figures needed to complte French infantry battalion number 8 (cheers Bob) so I'll do those next and get them based and finished.

An order is going in to Perry for the first of my British cavalry, a unit of 8 heavy dragoons and 8 Light Dragoons as they dont do Hussars yet, in addition to a supply of plastic bases as said above.

I still have another 16 figure battalion of Highlanders to paint yet, the 92nd, so I may just paint those before moving onto the cavalry, I'll see how quickly the cavalry order arrives.

As I've been sitting finishing the 42nd this morning I could hear the drums of members of the Napoleonic Association marching through the village high street from their camp site, I had to go have a look! A stirring site to see the colours fluttering at the head of the column of infantry and artillery and very inspirational too.

I'm hoping to sort out a game in the near future using the rules I mentioned previously, just a run through to get a feel for them so I'm now thinking about terrain/buildings etc. I need to start from scratch here as everything I owned was long ago sold off, but hopefully it wont be too long before I can get a battle report on this blog.

I'll add better quality pictures once the figures below are all based and finished.

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