Monday, 2 August 2010

Black undercoat.

While I'm waiting for my Victrix Highlander order to arrive I found 12 more French infantry including 3 metal command figures so I decided to give them a go over a black undercoat. I've painted the first 8 and found them fast to do but I'm not sure about the end result. Overall though I can see the deeper shades look quite nice. I'll finish this 16 figure battalion in this method by adding 4 Perry metals later, all with the black undercoat. I'm wondering if I should trial the black undercoat with the Scots when they arrive? I'm well out of practice with this method but maybe a bit more work and I could get a good result.

The 8 figures below were painted in 2 shortish sessions, no black was used except the undercoat. I had to try to tone down the shade on the trousers to match my existing figures and maybe I could have worked them a little more. I'll undercoat the 4 flank company figures I have left with the black undercoat and see what I can do.

Highlanders should be here any day now so just time to finish the next 4 and catch up with some backpacks!


Stryker said...

Hi Lee - welcome back to the darkside! I have to say I quite like that effect but that may just be because I am rubbish with the white undercoat technique.


Lee said...

Cheers Ian. I think both methods have advantages but I must say the black method does produce deeper shade, downside is that some colours like red for example take a lot of building up over black.