Friday, 13 August 2010


Not done much painting this last week but now my Victrix Highlanders are here and I'm itching to get started on them. I have to say that inspite of my earlier moans and groans about the Victrix plastics these are a superb box of figures! They go together very well but do require patience and a steady hand. As I learned from the artillery box its important not to just strip the sprues before assembly as the arms really do need to be paired up and are numbered on the sprues for this reason. Its a huge box too with 8 full sprues packed with limbs, bodies, heads, packs, swords etc, a real assembly job unlike the Perry's. The heads/faces are brilliant and on a par with any metal figure I have seen, and I have to say far better than Perry's in my opinion. So a big thumbs up from me, the first 8 are ready for undercoating and I hope to get a few colours on them tomorrow as I have a free morning.
If you buy from Total Wargamer (link below) the Victrix boxes are just £15.96 each and a very friendly service.
Final note, I have been offered 6 more Perry plastic French to complete the unit shown in previous post and I'm sending him the rest of my Old Guard box in return as I had no plans to use any more. Cheers Bill!


Stryker said...

Wow that does seem like quite a bargain box. Perhaps a bit better than the last lot of plastic Highlanders I saw back in the 70s!


Lee said...

Funny enough Ian I as opened the box the memories of those Airfix Highlanders came flooding back, I can remember the poses and the box art work etc. Once undercoated (I've gone for black again), these Victrix figures look as good as any metal figures I have seen, they really do.