Tuesday, 31 August 2010

More Highlander pics!

Managed to base the 42nd today and add the Victrix supplied flags. Took them out in the sun for some pics. Overall I'm very happy to add them to my collection and I have to say this box set is a superb set with excellent detail.


Rafael Pardo said...

A great job, and a very subtle effect on the tartans!

JAM said...

Great job Lee, I almost wish I needed more highlanders, but I am all done.

But on second thought, I do not have the 42nd yet, so who knows.


Lee said...

Thanks guys. Rafa I had considered trying again with the kilts but to be honest once you stand back at normal wargame distance they look fine! I'm focusing now on getting enough stuff ready for a game so I'll soon be painting buildings and mixing bowls of filler etc.