Monday, 23 August 2010

Phew, first 8 Highlanders completed!

Finally, I managed to complete the first 8 figures of the 42nd Highlanders and I have to admit to finding them challenging. The kilts were harder than I thought and after 2 attempts to accurately paint the dark tartan I went for this 'wet in wet' impression as being the best I could do. I was going to add the red over-stripe but it would seem that this may not have been present by 1815 due to tartan supply problems, although it was present up to 1812. Overall though and as a wargames unit I am happy with them. Now I have the next 8 figures including the drummer and piper to finish the 42nd, After that its straight onto the 92nd with their lighter tartan.

I don't think they stand close scrutiny when enlarged like this, but at normal size they don't look too bad I think!


Rafael Pardo said...

Great stuff and fierce faces...

Lee said...

Thanks Rafa, yes they look like you would not want to cross bayonets with them!


Stryker said...

Och aye the noo, a fearsome bunch of highland laddies. Makes me proud to be (half) Scottish...


nigelb said...

wonderful pics, bet you can't wait to unleash them on the unsuspecting french,,,,


Lee said...

Thank you chaps :-) I'm getting closer to being able to actually have a game with my figures, at last. Once the 2 Highland units are complete I'll have 14 battalions plus 2 skirmisher units, French cavalry and British/French artillery. All I need now is some British cavalry and a couple more French guns to be ready for a game. I've waited and waited to see if plastic Brit cavalry would arrive but I give up now! Metal they will be.

These Victrix Highlanders are very nice figures to paint if somewhat demanding because of the kilts.