Friday, 17 September 2010

2 more units completed.

Well, I have been waiting for over a week now for my latest Perry metal order to arrive and not a word! Last order I waited 2 weeks before contacting them to be told they were waiting on stock. I really feel that these days customer service is important and of course its such an easy thing to run shopping cart software that tells you when an item is out of stock so that you can maybe order an alternative. This has made up my mind to place all future orders with Front Rank. All future figures will be metal as I had planned to do anyway. Hopefully the British cavalry will show up shortly as I'm now out of figures to paint.

Have managed to finish 2 more units this week, the 92nd Highlanders and a unit of Legere. The latter was made up from the 12 skirmishers I mentioned below plus 4 new figures. As I said I was one figure short so decided to use one of the Perry plastic casualty figures to make the number up and I'm pleased with how it looks on the base. Thank you to Tod for offering that odd skirmisher but I had already painted up the casualty. The legere unit are in mixed campaign dress, I re painted some of the trousers but wanted to leave some white with patches etc, overall this unit has a good feeling of movement. I spent a long time fiddling around with the placement of these figures, and finally decided to place the firing figures at the rear, firing through and over the front rank. I'm happy with the composition.

Total figures painted now = 292.

I need to work on my photography next! I built a couple of 6500k 'daylight' bulbs into my little cupboard for taking pics but I think I need more light in there.

What's next?
Well that depends on what arrives first, I'm going to order some FR figures today but I also plan to start working on terrain. I'm going to make up some road and river sections and see how they look. Over the next couple of weeks I have the following to do:-

  • Make a final decision on varnish - matt or satin. have now decided against Army painter.
  • Order flags for all units.
  • Order a few Hovels buildings and paint.
  • Look into trees! I'm wondering if I can also make these myself to look more realistic than K&M.
  • Have a run through of the rules using just a few units per side.
This should keep me busy. Any comments/suggestion on terrain etc or anything else always welcome.


JAM said...

Hi Lee,

I can recommend the Front Rank service, I get them in Mass, from UK 5-6 days after order. Their service actually amazes me. They are cheaper to buy from the UK, then from their distributor in the US.

In building your terrain, 2 things I have learned, is if you are building tiles, avoid the the vinyl backed sheets I used, and do not model roads into the tile unless they are square.

Maybe you could improve your light box, by lining it with white paper.

Look forward to your first game.


Lee said...

Hi John,

I've just been looking at the FR website, so much to choose from and wonderful figures.

Thanks for the terrain tips, I have been reading back through your terrain posts already. I want to be able to lay my roads/rivers etc onto the boards, the old fashioned method. Did you make those trees yourself? I like them.

I'm going to sit down now and read through your battle write up as I have some quiet time, pics look great.

All the best,

JAM said...

Hi Lee,

I saw a nice "how to" for placed roads on the Architects of War web site, might be useful to you. The trees are woodland scenics and are assembled by me, I still have not learned how to glue the green on yet as it keeps falling off, although the trees themselves are quite nice. They also have some info on assembling these tree on the same web site. I believe it is going to be quite a useful website on terrain.


Stryker said...

Hi Lee - All the figures look amazing but those French Light Infantry look especially good and very animated. Mind you, I'd be animated too if some bloke behind me was firing a musket in my ear!

I would suggest that you try lining your photo box with blue material for some reason blue background seems to bring out the colours.


Rafael Pardo said...

Hi Lee
Do account the fallen French guy for the same points than his comrades? Only kidding... a good work

Lee said...

Thanks for the comments chaps.

Rafa, when I try to view your blog I get a 'malware' warning, tried it on two PC's now and the same thing happens. Do you have any idea what the problem is? Are others experiencing this?