Friday, 10 September 2010

More Scots and a request.

I seem to be settling into a comfortable 8 figures painted per week now and here's the last 8 painted. I have some British heavy cavalry due any day now so decided to get the 2nd Scots unit completed before I start the cavalry. These are the 92nd with lovely yellow facings and a bold yellow 'overstripe' to the tartan. Kilts were painted just as for the 42nd but with the yellow then added. Again, I'll add the final image of the unit once completed and based in a few days time.

I've been looking at the collection so far and thinking about organisation for the rules I will be using. As the rules don't actually use skirmishers as such (units are assigned a SK or skirmish value dependent upon type), I have now decided to rebase the 2 units I have currently on skirmish bases and make them up to 16 figure standard units. I have 8 of the Perry plastic 95th Rifles painted and will add to them a pack of Perry metal 95th plus a metal command pack. But I also have 12 Perry plastic French light infantry (see pic below) that I now plan to make into a 16 figure Legere unit with a bit of subtle repainting. I have a suitable perry metal command set for them but that will still leave me just 1 figure short of the 16 I need! So my request is.... does anybody happen to have a spare Perry plastic voltiguer skirmishing figure they cant use? Otherwise I'll buy a pack of metals to make them up but I only really need the 1 figure! On the subject, I have a few spare perry Brits, plus 28 figures left from a Victrix Highlander box if anybody needs spares to make up units etc.

Once the 2 units are made up and re based this will give me 16 infantry units of 16 figures, 8 per side so enough for a first game. I have included a link to the rules I will be using before but I just thought I'd explain why I chose them finally. The rules were written by Paul Leniston who I first encountered in the old 'Battle' magazine in the Eighties when a series of articles appeared concerning his house move and the setting up of a new wargames room in his double garage. I remember drooling over the photos at that time of his huge collection of French and Austrian units. I believe the series was called 'I did it my way'! Anyway, fast forward to 2010 and we find Paul and his wife Jan living in Spain having retired there in 2005, still as enthusiastic as ever about wargaming. I've been 'chatting' to Paul via his blogs for a good while now and followed many of campaigns and battles. I came to enjoy the style of game his own rules produced and thought they would suit me. I'm not a purist, I just enjoy painting units and want a game that allows me push them round the table top and is above all else fun to play and plays fast. Paul has said that he was inspired by the Two Fat Lardies rules and this is reflected in the mechanisms. While Paul uses units of just 8 infantry or 4 cavalry I decided to double the basic unit size, this makes no difference to the way the rules play. The basic unit is a brigade. I have no problem with small units representing large formations as I tend to regard the figures as playing pieces and try to think in terms of ground scale/base size. For me the advantage is that I can build up armies fast and include all of the types I want to paint, Brunswickers, Dutch Belgians, Nassua etc as I intend to. Thus, when I deploy my Scots units they simply represent a brigade of infantry containing a couple of Highlander battalions for the purposes of the game.

If anyone wants to read through a move by move account of one of Paul's battles then here is the battle of Busaco, with some lovely photos of the game.

Cheers all, and I'll be back soon with the completed 92nd.


JAM said...

I will be looking forward to your first game. The 92nd are nice, I have had half the unit painted for about a year now, but just can not get around to it.


Lee said...

Thanks John, I need to start working on terrain pretty soon. I'll take a look back at your blog for some ideas.


Tod said...

I can sort you out for the Voltigeur (I'm not planning to use mine right now). Send me a message at