Tuesday, 28 September 2010

'Orses' and Sir Thomas Picton!

I like to keep the posts regular here, even if it means posting pics of semi completed units. This week I'm working on some British Heavy Dragoons. I have switched back to a black undercoat on the horses as I was not totally happy working over white for some reason. I find it easier blending colours over the black and it speeds things up. The 8 Dragoons are painted and just waiting for their mounts. All figures are by Front Rank and as soon as I saw them I decided that FR is the way to go for all future figures. They match the Perrys very well overall for scale. I made a mistake in ordering the wrong horse for Picton, so he will have to wait until next week when I re order before I can finish him. The figures were undercoated black, but then lightly dry brushed white to pick up the highlights and I'm very comfortable now doing this and will stick to it.

I recall being quite moved as a teenager at the sight of Pictons top hat, torn open by a musket ball, in the National Army Museum in London, among many other Waterloo relics. Wellington of course discouraged the use of umbrellas by his staff but Picton, being the character that he was, continued to carry his! This little figure was a joy to paint.

Dragoons should be finished and based by Friday so I'll post a pic then. Next is another British cavalry unit, Light Dragoons.


Stryker said...

Nice looking 'orses! Picton looks the part with his brolly and top hat - more good stuff there Lee.


Lee said...

Thanks again Ian. I can barely believe that I have now painted 301 figures! At one point a year ago I never thought I'd be able to get back into the hobby the way I have. I made a couple of false starts as you may recall, the Crimean project etc. But enthusiasm continues to grow. I keep in mind that this is very much a 'retro' project, inspired in part by your own blog and others like it. I refuse to be drawn by all of the expensive glossy new rule sets as I'm I'm just looking for a simple 'Seventies' style of game such as those I used to enjoy at SELWG all those years ago.