Saturday, 30 October 2010

Test paint - Hanoverian Landwehr.

While I'm waiting for my French Hussars to arrive I thought I would try a simple conversion that I saw on the 'KippersMinis' blog (link at right, see March 2010 for the Hanoverian unit and a Dutch unit conversion)). Lots of good stuff on there and some nice conversions to Dutch & Belgian troops plus a unit of Hanoverian Landwehr, of which there were several at Waterloo in Halkett's 3rd Hanoverian Brigade. Perry plastics of course with the shako cut down, cleaned up and the cap top added from blue-tac. I'm not sure that mine have not turned out a little 'loaf' like, although they look much better in 28mm scale than blown up in the photograph I have to say! Anyway, I'm very pleased with them and will do a full battalion in the future no doubt.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

12th Light Dragoons.

Apologies for the delay in posting these. Things have slowed down here on the painting front as the Gramson household is caught up in wedding fever! With our eldest daughter getting married in five weeks time things seem to be a blur of dresses, (we have 3 daughters), and food planning and other arrangements, all being organised with military precision by Mrs G. and her friends. I of course simply panic about everything, and generally interfere where I'm not needed.

So, in order to relax as ordered I will try to keep up a bit of painting. I have decided that as I'm in cavalry painting mode I will do a unit of French Hussars next using Perry plastics, before moving onto the planned French artillery and British Rifles. I was looking at some of the Hussars on other blogs and just could not resist. I will use just 8 of the figures but by adding 3 metal command figures at a later date I will be able to field a second unit. I'm going through the Osprey book in order to choose which regiment I want to field.

I need to catch up on a few blogs so I'll do that now why I have some quiet time.

Apologies for the slightly poor photo quality.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Managed to finish the 8 Light Dragoons & the beautiful little figure of Marshal Grouchy, all Front Rank of course. A joy to paint. I decided to paint him wearing a blue coat under a green cloak as I will probably just use him as a generic French Marshal in my armies.

The Light Dragoons were challenging to paint with lots of shako cords and dangly bits etc! The stripe down the side of the trousers had to be lined to look right but I think it was worth the effort. Whilst I had painted heavy dragoons and Household cavalry before in 15mm this is the first unit of Light Dragoons I have painted in any scale and I think they should look nice once mounted and based.

Got the 8 horses next up plus Picton's horse. He has been patiently waiting in that rather undignified position for too long now for his mount to arrive.

I make no apology for posting images of semi painted figures etc here, I enjoy looking at work in progress on other blogs and it helps to keep my motivation up. This lot should all be finished and based by Friday -ish, when I will post more pics!

Monday, 11 October 2010

12th Light Dragoons just started.

Had a bit of a rest from painting over the weekend, but as I like to set myself targets I now plan to have this unit completed by Friday! Decided to go for the 12th (present at Waterloo) with nice yellow facings etc. I'm still drybrushing white over the black undercoat so that I can more clearly see the highlight details as I go. Also got the face on Grouchy and spent a bit of time trying to get that leopard skin effect on the horse, quite fiddly. Hopefully back Friday with pics of the completed figures/horses. Must crack on.

Oh, and the follow order will now be with Perry as I have decided to add 8 more rifles from their metal range including command to complete my 95th battalion. Also 2 more French guns/crews to match the one I already have painted.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

'Teddy Bear Fur' terrain !!

This morning I have spent some time thinking about and planning terrain. I looked at the standard boards and the possibility of building my own from scratch. Then I searched for examples of the 'lay on' terrain mats, including felt and other materials that could be painted for a realistic effect. I like the idea of being able to model realistic rolling hills as opposed to contours. A few searches gave me a lot of ideas for this and then I clicked upon the following link to Earlswood Wargamers and BANG! there it was, the Teddy Bear Fur terrain mat in all its glory. I had been considering working with an old blanket to achieve the same effect but the texture of the fur is so realistic and can be painted and highlighted to choice. It was a Eureka moment! I went upstairs to inspect a few examples from my daughters room and decided that this could well be the one for me. Its quite cheap too direct from the mill. As you can see from the picture in the link its very effective. Funny though :-)

Friday, 1 October 2010

On parade!

The British Heavy Dragoons are finished and that makes a grand total of 301 painted figures. I'm really pleased to have hit this milestone so I decided to have them all out together for the first time to pose for a few pics. I have almost enough figures now for that first game but I just want to add a couple more units to balance things up, a British Light Dragoon unit and 2 more French artillery pieces/crews. I also need to add 8 more figures to those perry 95th rifles to make them up to a full 16 figure unit. I'm going to try using Front rank for this, but to select the kneeling/ crouching poses so they match the perry plastics, do you think this will work or will the FR's be too chunky? Any comments?

I'm pleased with the way the Heavy Dragoons turned out, the Light dragoons will also be Front rank and I'm just making up my mind which regiment to paint, I like the contrast of the facing colours on the Plastron front of the jackets.

I hope this isnt getting too boring for those who follow my blog, I assure you that hostilities WILL commence in the not too distant future, but I have to say I'm pleased that I have recorded every single unit as it has been completed and the collection has grown. I hope to have some terrain shots coming shortly, initially it will probably be quite 'Old School' but at least it will allow me to do a first write up under my chosen rules.

Back next week with the Light Dragoons :-)