Monday, 11 October 2010

12th Light Dragoons just started.

Had a bit of a rest from painting over the weekend, but as I like to set myself targets I now plan to have this unit completed by Friday! Decided to go for the 12th (present at Waterloo) with nice yellow facings etc. I'm still drybrushing white over the black undercoat so that I can more clearly see the highlight details as I go. Also got the face on Grouchy and spent a bit of time trying to get that leopard skin effect on the horse, quite fiddly. Hopefully back Friday with pics of the completed figures/horses. Must crack on.

Oh, and the follow order will now be with Perry as I have decided to add 8 more rifles from their metal range including command to complete my 95th battalion. Also 2 more French guns/crews to match the one I already have painted.

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