Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Managed to finish the 8 Light Dragoons & the beautiful little figure of Marshal Grouchy, all Front Rank of course. A joy to paint. I decided to paint him wearing a blue coat under a green cloak as I will probably just use him as a generic French Marshal in my armies.

The Light Dragoons were challenging to paint with lots of shako cords and dangly bits etc! The stripe down the side of the trousers had to be lined to look right but I think it was worth the effort. Whilst I had painted heavy dragoons and Household cavalry before in 15mm this is the first unit of Light Dragoons I have painted in any scale and I think they should look nice once mounted and based.

Got the 8 horses next up plus Picton's horse. He has been patiently waiting in that rather undignified position for too long now for his mount to arrive.

I make no apology for posting images of semi painted figures etc here, I enjoy looking at work in progress on other blogs and it helps to keep my motivation up. This lot should all be finished and based by Friday -ish, when I will post more pics!


JAM said...

Nice work Lee, I like the Grouchy figure, I have done a lot of the FR british personalities but none of the French.

Stryker said...

They look superb Lee - looking forward to seeing them on their horses!


Rafael Pardo said...

It seems very odd to see Grouchy side by side with the British!. He never found them in the battlefield if my memory do no to fails me