Friday, 1 October 2010

On parade!

The British Heavy Dragoons are finished and that makes a grand total of 301 painted figures. I'm really pleased to have hit this milestone so I decided to have them all out together for the first time to pose for a few pics. I have almost enough figures now for that first game but I just want to add a couple more units to balance things up, a British Light Dragoon unit and 2 more French artillery pieces/crews. I also need to add 8 more figures to those perry 95th rifles to make them up to a full 16 figure unit. I'm going to try using Front rank for this, but to select the kneeling/ crouching poses so they match the perry plastics, do you think this will work or will the FR's be too chunky? Any comments?

I'm pleased with the way the Heavy Dragoons turned out, the Light dragoons will also be Front rank and I'm just making up my mind which regiment to paint, I like the contrast of the facing colours on the Plastron front of the jackets.

I hope this isnt getting too boring for those who follow my blog, I assure you that hostilities WILL commence in the not too distant future, but I have to say I'm pleased that I have recorded every single unit as it has been completed and the collection has grown. I hope to have some terrain shots coming shortly, initially it will probably be quite 'Old School' but at least it will allow me to do a first write up under my chosen rules.

Back next week with the Light Dragoons :-)


Lee said...
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Matt said...

Well done for reaching 300+ figures!
I have both FR and Perry's riflemen and I reckon you'll find the FR figures a bit too chunky when compared to the Perry's but they're nice figures all the same.

JAM said...


I can do a photo so you can have a look. Email me at johnamichael at gmail dot com, I will get it off tomorrow.

I would also be reluctant to put them in the same formed unit, but as skirmishers you should be ok. I have my FR as the 95th and my Perry as KGL light, you could also make them as 5/60th rifles

Lee said...

Thanks for those replies re the Riflemen. I think in that case I will order a full 16 figure unit from FR and put the Perry Riflemen aside until I acquire more later maybe. I looked at the FR rifles and they just look so good I want to paint some, but I did wonder if they would be a bit chunky in the same unit as the Perry figs.

Ah, so many wonderful Napoleonic units to paint, I have to keep telling myself to be patient!


Stryker said...

Hi Lee - that's a pretty impressive total and they look great too. I've just tried looking at both Rafa's blog & website and they seem fine to me.


Rafael Pardo said...

Hi Lee
I have revised my website (via filezilla) and it is clean of malware. Maybe any of the external links is causing the trouble.
Please confirm me if you are still experimenting problems. My e-mail is

And last, but not least, your army looks impresive!

Bestr regards


Lee said...

Hello Rafa,

As others were not experiencing any problems I chose to over ride the Google chrome warning and all is OK now. I have just had another look and all seems fine.