Saturday, 13 November 2010

6th Hussars - figures completed.

It's Saturday morning and I have just completed the 8 hussar figures. Family have all gone shopping so in between sorting the dishwasher, hoovering and generally tidying up I have managed to get a solid couple of hours painting in! When I feel enthusiastic about painting figures I could sit for hours and lose myself in the hobby, but of course Life must come first so there are always other things that have to done. I do feel lucky that I currently only work part time . Might change in the future so I make the most of it while I can. I'm approaching one year of painting these 28mm Napoleonics and I reckon I will hit the 340 mark for that first 12 months. I have had to budget my purchases, which is why I have not yet got round to terrain, buildings etc but after Christmas I will be in a position to get started on it and get down to some wargames. I envisage my games will be 'Old School' style, simple fast rules and probably not the accurate re-fights I enjoy reading on other blogs. For me its more about pushing my collection around on the table and having a bit of fun.

Really enjoyed painting these and I'm happy with the overall look. The sabretache with its green laurel leaf and tiny no.6 was a challenge, not perfect but good enough for me. Looking at the pics here I can see a couple of bits I need to touch up later. One thing I wanted to avoid was the lace being a solid blob and a bit of careful drybrushing seems to have done the trick. I used Foundry 'Shiny' metallic and mixed in Foundry 'yellow' for this. The coats are Foundry 'Bright Red' highlighted with 'bright red - light'.

Right, Hussars horses up next and the unit will be finished and based by Friday as planned. I have put a small order into Games Workshop for more static grass and a few other supplies.


Rob Edgar said...

Great looking Hussars, well done, I am an 'old school' gamer at heart too, have fun!

On the sabretache's, take a look at this post on my blog, there is a set of sabretache decals designed for Perry Hussars by Aldo Stocco.


Stryker said...

Hi Lee

Not sure how you find time to clean the house and paint figures on the same day - I was assigned an entire house clean today by high command which has left no time to pick up the brush! Respect...


Lee said...

Rob, thank you for that link, the decals are very well done, I might well try them.

Ian, Its just good planning, I do most of the housework around here as Mrs full time, so I get plenty of practice! I manipulated a light morning :-) Oh, and right now I'm cooking dinner too.