Sunday, 21 November 2010

Drybrush & terrain.

Thanks to those who responded to my 'drybrush' question. I thought long and hard about it, tried a lighter colour as suggested and then made my mind up. I have decided to stick with a fairly stark white but done as lightly as I can. I have done a few more units, including the other two French cavalry units and I have to say it does seem to make a big difference overall. I'm now working through all of the bases!

I cut out twenty 30cm road sections yesterday including straights, curves, T junctions and a cross roads. A jig-saw made light work of it. The sections are 60mm wide and I intend to edge the sections with a 5mm strip of stone/grass to match the figure bases, leaving the roads 50mm wide to accommodate my 45mm wide bases. The surfaces will then be textured with a PVA glue/filler mix and painted. Next I will cut the stream sections. I have decided that I will also cut bases for the woodland areas to enable me to stand individual trees on. In 'WRG' style I want to standardise the sizes of woods, fields, BUA's, hills, etc. I should have some pics of the completed roads ready for my Friday update together with the first 8 painted 95th rifles.

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