Friday, 12 November 2010

French 6th Hussars -progress.

Well the Hussars finally arrived and I could not help myself starting on them! This is a fantastic box of figures, the sprues are packed with parts to enable you to produce almost any French Hussar regiment from different stages of the Napoleonic wars. I like the red and blue contrast of the 6th regiment (present at Waterloo) and the later style post 1812 headgear. Not got too far yet, just the basic colours blocked in and a bit of work on the faces. Like all the perry plastics the figures go together like a dream leaving no gaps. My Hussars are in campaign dress of overalls but I was very tempted by the 'booted' legs. This 8 figure unit should be completed and based by next Friday. I will be left with 6 more Hussars so by adding another command sprue (available directly from Perry, as are all the plastic command sprues now), I will be able to field a second unit at a later date. But next up after the 6th will be the 95th Rifles.

Gurkha Rifles.
I'm also pleased to report that our local Gurkha Rifles have this week returned home from Afghanistan. The Gurkhas are based at Shorncliffe Barracks near Folkestone, which is where the Light Infantry were based and trained during the Napoleonic wars, including the 95th Rifles. A more respectful and peaceful community you could not wish for and the Gurkhas are very highly thought of in the local community. Sadly this tour has cost them 4 lives, and Sunday's remembrance parade down here will be particularly poignant.


Rafael Pardo said...

A very colorful unit, these Hussars!
Best regards
P.S. Congratulations to the Gurkhas in their come-back

Stryker said...

More lovely work Lee. How's the wargame table/terrain coming on?


Lee said...

Thanks Rafa.

Ian, not got started yet on terrain as I have to budget what I spend on my hobby and so far I have focused on figures, but New Year will see me able to focus on that.I have it planned out already! I really want to be able to play a wargame again.


MSFoy said...

Lee - figures are lovely, as ever - delighted to spot Rene North book (albeit in exploded form) in the picture - is that the Peninsular War one? - first book on Napoleonic uniforms I ever bought. Great.

Sadly, mine exploded beyond recovery long ago. Gone before, as they say in the funeral notices in the local paper. Which reminds me - have you noticed how people seem to die in alphabetical order?


Lee said...

Hi Tony,

The book is 'Regiments at Waterloo' by Rene North and its a book that I have treasured since the seventies when I first bought it. I think it may well have been my first wargaming book. Like you say it has 'exploded', in fact it has exploded several times over the years, but having spent almost 30 years in the printing trade I managed to re bind it at work on at least two occasions that I can recall, but its now well past it (a bit like me!).It has also been doused with red wine and survived.

I think Rene North was a brilliant military artist and the book remains very accurate with regards to uniform detail.

Enjoyed your post re Facebook btw, brought a smile to my face.