Sunday, 28 November 2010

Perry, Front Rank & Victrix infantry comparison.

Some may recall that I recently asked how compatible the Perry plastic riflemen were with Front Rank metal riflemen. Compatibility between manufacturers is a frequently asked question on blogs and forums. John, over at the excellent 'Wargaming in 28mm' blog put up some photos showing artillery and cavalry of various makes (see here), so I thought I would post a shot of some infantry side by side for information.

Left to right: Victrix Highlander, Perry Plastic riflemen (note the figure on left is set back slightly so appears slightly smaller), Front Rank riflemen and a Perry British Line Infantry figure. I think actually of the 3 that the Victrix is the slightly chunkier possibly, but all blend in pretty well? I guess that I could have mixed the FR & Perry rifles but as I have bought the full 16 figure battalion I will complete them and use the odd 8 Perry rifles for something else later, possibly something Hanoverian maybe?

The figure at right (Perry) is one of the 4 test figures I did with the Hanoverian cap conversion(here). I'm afraid I could not get the image of a large crusty loaf out of my head so I decided to replace the heads with Stovepipes, repaint the facings yellow and these will in due course become a full battalion of the 28th Foot, possibly the only British line regiment to wear the old style shako during the 100 days campaign.

Hope some of you will find the comparisons useful. The pic was taken in my new light box with a mix of 'daylight' and standard bulbs, the result is much better I think than recent shoddy efforts!!

Back on Friday.


Stryker said...

Hi Lee - they look great although I am sad to see that you have removed the 'dough' boys from your order of battle!


Rafael Pardo said...

Beautiful green shades!

John de Terre Neuve said...

Nice looking figures, I am starting to become less and less worried about size differences, aside from foundry cavalry which are just too small.


Lee said...

Thank you chaps.

John, I am now very happy to mix Front Rank, Perry and Victrix, they work very well together.