Friday, 26 November 2010

Roadworks & Rifles!

Friday again already. This week I have completed the 16 road sections which form the first part of my terrain building plans. Each section is 30cm long and I made a couple of junctions, a couple of curves and a crossroads as well as many straight sections. They dried out nice and flat but by using a lot of PVA glue in the filler they are slightly flexible. Edges were made from stone and static grass to match the figure bases. Overall I'm happy with them. Next up will be stream sections and a couple of fields edged with fence/hedges.

Also completed the first 8 of the Front Rank rifles. A real joy to paint. The unit should be completed by next Friday. I gave the officer blonde hair in homage to Major Sharpe of course, and my wife said that FR had given the figure a 'peachy little backside' just like Sean Bean :-) I noted that only those members of the 95th designated 'sharpshooters' and who had passed the test could wear the green cockade, the rest wearing white.

I feel I'm getting closer to that first game now, but I want to get everything just right. I still need more French artillery so that will follow the rifles.

Again apologies for the poor quality of the pics, I will sharpen them up for next weeks completed rifles shots.


Stryker said...

Hi Lee

The roads look great - you have probably already said but what material are they made from? My wife seems to favour Jonny Depp's backside although Sean Bean is definately more her age group!


Lee said...

Hi Ian,

The roads are made from hardboard as I had plenty to hand. I did a test run first and used a 50/50-ish mix of filler and PVA glue for the surface. It dried nice and flat anyway but is flexible enough to bend gently without cracking if there is any slight warping, and takes paint well. I might need to use thin ply though for the fields and BUA bases that I have planned.

I watched a couple of episodes of Sharpe again recently and I still enjoyed it, although I found the theme tune slightly corny this time round.