Friday, 19 November 2010

To drybrush or not?

That's another week flown by. I have finished the French 6th Hussars and I'm very happy with them. I did have an issue with 2 of the horses as I used an old Coat D'Arms horse colour I had here 'Dun' and it came out a bit flat and 'buff' looking, but some extensive re working eventually produced 2 quite nice horses. The Coat D'Arms ' Chestnut' is an excellent horse colour and I use that a lot. The trumpeters sheepskin should in fact be black not white as the rest of the troopers, so I may correct that!

I'm left with 6 more Hussars from the box so I will do the 7th at some point in the near future as I like the green uniforms and they were also present at Waterloo. I will need to add 2 more command figures to complete the unit though and I have a choice of adding 2 Front Rank Hussars OR the plastic command sprue from Perry, but at £6 for the sprue of just 2 plastic figures I may well go for metal!

OK now the question I would like your opinions on please. My bases are basically brown painted model railway ballast with added Citadel static grass. The stone is painted with watered down brown leather. However, as you can see I did a test paint of white drybrush over the stones to see if it improved them. My gut feeling is yes it does, I would like your thoughts on this before I go ahead and drybrush the bases of over 320 figures now! I'm sorry my photos are poor but hopefully you can see the contrast in the picture.

Next up is the 16 Front Rank riflemen, excellent figures, should be a joy to paint. After that I hope to add the 3 guns and crews to make up some French artillery. These I think will be Perry as the 1 gun I have is Perry and I'd like to keep them all the same. I'm also itching to do a Nassau battalion and the Scots Greys.

I'm also working on some road sections too now, cut from hardboard and edged with the stone/grass as the figures. I'm doing 12" sections and then some stream sections the same method. Surfaces will be painted filler with some texture. I'm getting eager to play that first game.


Sigmar said...

I actually prefer them without the dry brushing or maybe dry brushed but not too much. That way the miniatures themselves stand out a little better to my (non-expert eye).

You could always dry brush some of them, eg. the artillery that might typically be on higher ground and not down and dirty in the mud with the front line grunts :)

In any case, you've done a great job painting up so many minis. Nice work,

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Matt said...

I like the extra drybrush, but instead of white why not use a more cream sort of colour (e.g. GW Bleached Bone)??

Keep up the good work!



DC said...

Definitely dry brush - it brightens up figures and base no end. Cheers.

Rafael Pardo said...

Your figures look wonderful now and to dry-bush more than 300 bases is a not easy prospect. Maybe a task for non-gaming days!
My vote is no ;-p