Friday, 5 November 2010

Twiddling my thumbs!

Well, it's 10 days now since I ordered a box of Perry French Hussars from Leisure Games and still no sign of them! I've emailed them but no reply so not sure what's happening. No charge is made until the figures are despatched so can't complain there, I assume they are waiting on stock, maybe I should have ordered them direct from Perry, but that's Life. Hopefully they will show up shortly. Meantime I have ordered more Front Rank infantry including the 95th Rifles battalion and some British Light Infantry and can confidently predict they will arrive in the next couple of days, so efficient is the service from this company. The next FR order will be for French artillery, 4 guns and crews.

So, meantime I have tackled an issue that has been bugging me for some time, infact ever since I painted up my box of Victrix artillery some months ago. Under my rules 2 guns represent a battery. I had 3 guns from the Victrix and added a 4th from Perry metal but this has not looked right. The Victrix are in full dress and the Perry's in campaign dress, and as you might recall I had issues about the size of the wheels being slightly smaller than the Victrix model. So I have removed the metal wheels and barrel from the Perry gun and added plastic Victrix replacements. I have also managed to put together another plastic crew by using the remaining 3 Victrix figures and making an officer from the body of a leftover Highland officer and adding a Perry head and left arm and Victrix right arm. The result is 4 crews and guns to make up 2 batteries of field artillery. I am much happier with the result and just need to base the 4th gun and crew. As you can see, the quality of the victrix plastics is every bit as good as the Perry metals once painted up. The battery commander has flouted regulations and is wearing a lovely bicorne. I intend to add another 2 gun battery of Royal Horse Artillery once Victrix release them next year.

So, change of plan now, I'll do the 16 x 95th Rifles next and maybe the French Hussars if and when they turn up!

Finally, I was browsing through the SELWG site recently and came across some wonderful old pictures of club nights taken in the seventies when I was a member. Can't see myself in any of them but they brought back so many memories of Friday nights spent playing/watching great games in the old Grove Park Youth Club. I just had to post the link here for you:-

Pics: The pic seems to exaggerate the highlights on the trousers, it is more sublte.


Prince Henry The Navigator said...


I have laways received excellent service from, with order being invariable dispatched next day first class, and ariving the following day

Lee said...

Thank you for that info. Since posting I have heard back from Leisure Games and they are indeed waiting on stock...... it looks like another week at least! I'll have a look at your link for future reference, cheers.


Lee said...

'Prince Henry' :-).... Just looked at that site and its excellent! same day despatch if ordered b4 3pm and the Hussars are in stock. I might cancel and order from them on Monday. I see they have all of the victrix at reduced prices too. Great site.

Thanks again.

Stryker said...

Hi Lee - love the photos on that link particularly the old black & white ones and of course that guy with the moustache. I feel moustaches are largely missing from wargames today! Looking forward to seeing the 95th.


Lee said...

Hello Ian,
Those old pics are great I agree. It was a good venue and usually packed on a Friday night with wargamers. Upstairs was a small room with a snooker table which was covered over and always used for ancient battles and I used to enjoy going up and watching them when I first joined. Agree about moustaches, but I have to say I have sported one since I was 17!