Friday, 3 December 2010

Battle -Moves 2 & 3.

MOVE 2. French card is drawn for first move. Commander in Chief is in base contact with Grouchy the Corps commander. He throws a 4 on an average dice and adds 2 as I have designated all commanders as ‘Average’ for simplicity in this test game. He elects to change the Corps orders to ‘Engage’. The Corps commander Grouchy now throws for his CP’s. But he only throws a poor 2 and adds 2 for 4 CP’s total. This will impact upon his ability to carry out his new ‘Engage’ orders effectively. He decides to focus on his left flank and the main thrust towards the village. He orders the battery to move to the left, off the road and to unlimber (to move and unlimber costs 2 CP’s but the battery cannot fire this move). The remaining 2 CP’s are used to advance his 2 left flank brigades (A&B) towards the village. Brigade’s C&D are unable to advance as Grouchy has no CP’s left to issue orders to them at this stage. The Hussars are also left awaiting orders to advance. Very frustrating for Grouchy!

Now it’s the British move phase. Commander in Chief throws 4 and adds +2 for a total of 6 CP’s. he changes orders and issues ‘Attack’ orders to Picton, the corps commander. Picton now throws a 3 and adds 2 for a total of 5 CP’s. His brigades are in line and thus can move only 4” (8”if in column). He orders brigades A, C ( the light infantry) and D to make a full move towards the village (3CP’s). The battery are ordered to move and unlimber (2 CP’s) Brigade B are left awaiting orders as no CP’s are left to activate this unit.

No firing or morale checks required this stage.


French again draw first move. Grouchy throws a 3 +2 for his total of 5 CP’s this move. He orders his battery to open fire (1CP). Brigades B&C move towards the village to attack as per new orders (2CP’s). Brigade A, the Legere brigade, are ordered to make a half move and form square (2 CP’s) in support of the battery as the British cavalry are formed up in line in the field to their front. Brigade B actually break into the village in column. Brigade D are still left behind halted and awaiting orders. The commander is not happy and is cursing Grouchy!

(Note: I like this unpredictability. Most old style rules I used always allowed every unit to follow orders, this reminds me of Fire and Fury and its activation system).

British move now. Picton throws 5 and adds 2 for 7 CP’s. He knows he can issue orders to all of his units. He orders his cavalry to remain halted as to advance would move them into closer artillery range (No CP’s required for this?) But they are close enough to keep the French Legere brigade pinned in square. (The French battery is however within long range and will no doubt open fire this move).

Brigades C &D are ordered to advance and attack the village (2 CP’s) but they cannot move fast enough in line to enter the village this move. As the French have beaten them to it they will have to contest entry next move possibly.

Brigade A are ordered to advance in support of the battery (1CP) which are now unlimbered on the road. They battery is ordered to open fire (1CP). Brigade B are ordered to advance in support of brigade A (rear) (1 CP). Picton has 2 unused CP’s this move.

That’s it so far! Photos show end of move 2 (top pic) and end of movement phase of move 3(middle and bottom pics) . Remainder of move 3 will follow. Both sides artillery are unlimbered within range and firing will follow.

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Rafael Pardo said...

I love the preliminary movements of a battle, the deployment and such.
Have a happy day with your daughter!