Thursday, 16 December 2010

Biting the bullet!

12th Jan 2011. edit.

I have edited this post and removed a couple of subsequent posts in order to bring my blog situation up to date.

Having come very close to giving up and selling the collection John has kindly agreed that I keep the figures and the sale has been cancelled. I am not entirely sure what direction things will take but if I do move on with the blog it will be focused very much more on the gaming aspect as the New Year progresses. In the meantime I am searching for inspiration by reading a few good books on the period. As the figure were all de based for packing I will begin again by rebasing on narrower frontages as this had bugged me for some time. This will mean a lot of time spent re texturing bases etc in a slightly different style. I have some Front Rank French artillery to paint to get me back in the swing again. A big thank you to John for being understanding, as I said to him, I feel a bit of an idiot!


John de Terre Neuve said...

Looks nice Lee. First I have seen your Picton figure, looks great. It is hard to resist the big units. I remain happy that I did the same in the spring. Your terrain tiles are very nice by the way, first good close up I have seen, I also believe you have the lighting down in your photos, look very good.


Stryker said...

Good call Lee - the inf look great in 24's. How will you do the cavalry?

Lee said...

Now I have just one major issue, the spacing between figures means a 24figure unit takes up a lot of space on a small (6x4) table! When I started this with small units I deliberately went for more open spacing so that a British unit in 2 deep line was slightly more 'stretched' and more convincing as a line. I wont rebase, at least not at this stage, but the units clearly need to be in closer order now that they are in 24's. What to do now?

Cheers for the comments. I will leave the cavalry in 8's Ian.


Stryker said...

Ah Lee, rebasing now you're talking! I have to say they would look even more fantastic packed more tightly (I have a bit of a thing about this with Napoleonics). Perhaps leave it a bit though until you have finally decided what rules you are going for. The terrain looks brilliant too!

Rafael Pardo said...

rebasing is always a serious prospect nedding careful consideration, so think carefully about it!
Your units look splendid!

Rafael Pardo said...

Hi Lee
Merry Christmas and a good, healthy and prosperous wargaming year for you!

Lee said...

Thank you Rafa, and to you too. Looking forward to more battle reports next year.


Stryker said...

Good news Lee - looking forward to some new posts!


MSFoy said...

Lee - I'm very pleased you are keeping your armies, though you have fallen foul of Foy's Fourth Law

All the best with your getting momentum back - what's happening with the ACW, then? I was looking forward to that as well!