Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gratuitous figure/terrain shots!

Quick mid-week post. I have been working on some more terrain features. I have made some fields and this 30x30cm 'Built up area' base. This will probably be a village base and I plan to stand 2 or 3 'Hovels' buildings on it. In accordance with the rules I will be using, the base clearly defines the extent of any BUA and buildings can be removed to resolve combat. I will make more but I wanted to trial one first. I added a road running through for effect and a small pond. The base colour is just what I wanted and my main tabletop will now be finished in this same shade and texture. Its textured just enough to enable easy movement of bases and has a light scattering of Citadel static grass to match the figure bases. The main board will be flat and all terrain features will be laid on for flexibility. I enjoy making terrain as much as I enjoy painting figures. Thanks to Rafa for the link to his main website with its terrain tutorial. Rivers/hills etc will follow.

First battle!
It's clearly now time to have a small trial run through of the rules, so with a free day on Friday I am going to play a run through with just one corps per side on a basic table. Under 'Paul's Rules' as he calls them (I did suggest he come up with a name but he's happy with that!), a Corps consists of 4 Brigades of infantry, a brigade of Cavalry and a battery of artillery. Please bear in mind that I am very much 'old school' in my approach to the gaming aspect and I am quite happy to consider my 16 figure units as brigades, Paul's units are actually half the size of mine! I have been following many of his campaign battles and am convinced that they flow very well and give a lively and realistic game. I will of course write up the game move by move and will refer to Paul if any clarification is required as he kindly offered help. However, I feel that I have a good grasp of them.

Couldn't resist placing a few figures on the BUA board for some shots in my new light box. As you can see the slight white dry brush on the stones really brightens up the bases.


Stryker said...

Hi Lee - the terrain looks great, really impressive. I will watch with great interest your first battle unfold!


John de Terre Neuve said...

Very nice looking terrain and congratulations for making it to your first battle.


Betts-Davittovich said...

i await with baited breath the first sounds of war.

great pics by the way, and great site , i've just finished my british hills division and have begun on von krafts brigade, for a bit of 1813 action, your site , inspirational

Lee said...

Hi Betts -Davittovich,

Cheers for the comments and please send me a link to your blog as it sounds interesting.