Saturday, 4 December 2010

Test game - Move 4.


(Note: Move 3 ended with no firing or morale tests required. All artillery fire takes place at the opening of each move not after movement so this will be the opening of move 4)

French again win first move and Grouchy throws a 5 +2 to give him 7 Command points. He is confident that he can now press forward the attack this move.

The 8lb foot battery is within long range (medium gun 8 to 16”) and opens fire upon the Light Dragoons stationary in the field to their front. A score of 8+ on 2D6 is required to hit, no additions or subtractions apply (B class gunners). Score is 7 so no casualties. (Long range artillery fire is quite ineffective under these rules but a hit forces a morale check and 1 casualty). (1CP used to fire)

Grouchy now initiates his brigade orders:
Brigade B are in the village (marked disordered as in BUA) and move towards the far edge. (Note: is movement halved in BUA? I think yes so they get a half speed move) They are not yet classed as a ‘garrison’ as they have not yet reached the far side of the village and then spent 1 move preparing defences. However, next move will see some combat if the British reach the outskirts of the village. (1CP).
Brigade C move to edge of village in support of the above brigade and will enter next move. (1CP).
(Note: brigades can be ‘swapped’ or replaced at a cost of 3CP’s if in support within 4” – useful to replace a shaken unit for example with fresh troops in a combat situation. However, any second line brigades within 4” could also be vulnerable to artillery fire ‘bounce through’)

Brigade D who have not yet been able to advance, finally get orders to move and with a loud cheer they begin to advance towards the village (1CP).
Brigade A (largely Legere units) remain in square but shuffle forward 2” max move. (1CP).
The battery having fired are manhandled 2” forward having already fired (2CP’s).
Finally, the Hussar brigade advance and will be within range of the British battery next move. (1CP)
A total of 7 CP’s used.

British move. Picton throws 4 +2 for 6 command points. The Light infantry brigade C (represented by the 95th rifles) advance to the edge of the village and prepare to skirmish forward next move. (1CP).
Brigade A advance to edge of the field to their front and halt. They can see the French light cavalry brigade advancing in the distance. (1CP)
Brigade B who had been moving in support behind them are ordered to move to the left flank by forming into march column for speed. They are ordered to march and form on the flank of brigade A. (2 CP’s to change formation and half move).
The battery are manhandled forward 2” on the road and prepare to open fire next move. (1CP)
The cavalry are ordered to advance (½ move over rough ground) through the field.(1CP). They may be able to charge next move if French infantry move closer.
All 6 Command points have been used so the Highlander brigade D are unable to move this turn.

The 2 photos show the situation at this point, end of movement, move 4.

(Notes: I have added the ‘Fire values’ of the brigades to the OOB below as I omitted this to begin with. Basically values are A, B or C and adds or subtracts to/from firefight values, see Rule 12).

No further combat or morale so end of move 4.

Next turn should see the first combat as the British Light infantry brigade move in to contest the village under Rule 11 – infantry skirmish. Both sides cavalry are just within charge reach now too of an enemy formation. Move 5 should prove lively.


Stryker said...

Hi Lee - don't you think that British unit opposite the French cavalry should get into square? Perhaps you could pass this suggestion on to Picton!

Lee said...

Ian, if you read move 5 you see that I have promoted you to 'ADC' and adorned you in a rather fetching 'virtual' Hussar uniform :-) Cheers.