Sunday, 16 January 2011

Forward march!

I have to admit to feeling rather sheepish about writing this post. It's been a funny few weeks and in that time I have 'sold' my collection of figures and then managed to hold on to them, thanks to John, who has showed great understanding of my unpredictable behaviour, of which I am more than a bit embarrassed!

So, I have tried to understand what is the main issue that has caused my enthusiasm for the period to wane to suddenly and what I can do to get going again. As I said to John I think there are two main problems:

1. I have struggled with finding a set of rules that really works for me.

2. My knowledge of the period is basic beyond the uniforms and equipment etc.

I am going to carry on with this project for the coming year. I have selected some books on the Waterloo campaign and Napoleonic warfare in general. I'm starting with 'The Art of Warfare in The Age of Napoleon' by Gunther Rothenberg, an excellent read so far. I know that I want to hold on to the 'nostalgia' element of this project and to be able top play the type of games that I used to enjoy so much and to that extent I want simple fast play rules.

Having painstakingly removed 330 odd figures from their bases for packing (and broken Foys Fourth Law in the process: 'Basing' ), I now face the task of re-basing them and will take the opportunity to close them up somewhat and change/improve the basing style. I have also ordered more French artillery from Front Rank and have decided that I will stick with FR for the future.

A last 'thank you' to John, and hopefully normal service will soon be resumed.


Phil B said...

My introduction to Napoleonics was in 6mm and I've never looked back. 28mm figures look great but it takes ages to build an army due to the time needed to paint.

Also, unless you play in an aircraft hanger, you can never get the true scale battles right with 28mm.

6mm on the other hand allows you to take on the truly huge battles of the period on a normal sized table - and you get a better fell of the grand strategy with the little fellas.

I've been introduced to Grand Armee which I think is a great rule set for a big battle in a reasonable amount of time.

I have read up on some of the period but I find learning as you go is fine.

So maybe sell those big boys and go down a scale or 3 - you may find the experience more to your tastes.

Lee said...

Hi Phil,

I understand totally what you say about 6mm figures. But my main pleasure has always come from the painting aspect of this hobby thus the choice of 28mm. I used to play ACW in 6mm and agree that it is the perfect scale for wargames, where you can field huge forces and large battalions/regiments, we used to use a 1/10 scale with individual units up to 70 figures strong in 6mm. I tried painting 6mm again just a couple of years ago but I was never happy with the results I could achieve.


VolleyFireWargames said...
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VolleyFireWargames said...

Lee so glad to see your back in the fold of Napoleonic wargaming. I have heard great things from friends of mine about Barry hilton's new Napoleonic rules "Republic to Empire". I am picking up a couple sets myself to look at. So far I have heard nothing but good things. With my eyesight I have stayed with 25mm or 28mmm I like to see the action of the smaller tactics of Napoleonic warfare. I played plenty of games of the larger scale in 15mm (Empire) etc. And takes nothing away from my love of Napoleonics in 25mm or 28mm. Again kudos. The nice thing about Republic to Empire - As i understand it it. Is that basing is not that important. But I have not played the rules yet so don't quote me.


Lee said...

Hello David,

Thanks for the comment. The eyesight point is a valid one, I also find 28mm much easier on the eyes to paint these days. Re 'Republic to Empire' I have not looked at those so I will have a look around to see what other gamers think of them.


VolleyFireWargames said...

HI Lee thanks for the "note" - here are a couple of links to the rules and commentary and such also Barry Hilton's website
while of course Barry thinks his rules are one of the best the ffighting talk forum looks interesting and I look forward to looking at my set of the rules when thet come in.
PS- check my groups blog volleyfirewargames for Republic to Empire games, etc.

Anonymous said...

Been there, man. I have been tinkering with this hobby for 20+ years and am still not where I want to be. In the end (or currently, I suppose) I am taking the best of what I like and using it. I don't think there is one 'true' rule set for the period because the gamer are looking for different things. Being happy about it yourself is as close as you are gonna get. Good luck.

John de Terre Neuve said...

Hi Lee,

I have been busy for a couple of weeks, so I missed your posts, happy to hear you have returned to the "colourful" side.


paulalba said...

Hi Lee,
I paint 15mm Napoleonics almost excusively (although 25/28mm Napoleonic figures are my 1st love). I do 15mm Naps because of space (or lack of). I have traded away a huge amount of my 28mm Naps for AB 15's. I had around an 18 year break from painting and reading about Naps and seemed to loose all interest however since discovering General De Brigade and basing for the rule set I haven't looked back. I'm really enjoying painting my 15mm Napoleonics (and the odd 28mm unit too). To keep my own Napoleonic interest flowing I just look around at all the Naps blogs to see the superb figures other enthusiasts (like yourself are working on). Keep on painting.
P.S. If I won the lottery and got a bigger house 28mm Napoleonic figures would again be the 1st figures on my painting table.