Thursday, 27 January 2011

French artillery & command stands.

Well, I think I finally managed to get closer to the correct colour for French artillery pieces. A few days ago I posted a question on the TMP forum asking about the Gribeauval artillery system. I wanted to know if the carriages were all standard sizes with interchangeable barrels. In the course of many detailed and useful replies (plus a few sarcastic ones, why do they do that?) I discovered that my shade of green was completely wrong! Actually I learned a fair bit about French artillery of the period generally. Here are the repainted guns plus crews complete with new basing style.

I have just completed re-basing all 350 figures in this new style and I really like it. I think it represents the Waterloo muddy ground far better than the old basing style. Hopefully tomorrow I'll post some pics of the infantry and cavalry. I have closed up the infantry (now 15mm frontage) and based them in fours WRG style. I think they look much better this way.

I also made 2 little command bases using leftover infantry figures, again I think the new bases work well.

3 batteries of artillery, 1 guard foot with 6 pounder (non Gribeauval carriage I'm told!) plus 2 foot line manning 8 pounders.


Stryker said...

Lee - they really do look stunning! I think the new basing technique is just perfect for the Waterloo feel just as you say. I'm really looking forward to seeing the infantry.


PS - Did you use Foundry paints for the guns and if so which colour?

John de Terre Neuve said...

I must say Lee they look great, the canon came out first class and the basing is indeed fantastic.


paulalba said...

Hi Lee,
Just discover a link to your blog from another Naps blog. Really nice work on your figures and guns.

Lee said...

Hi paulalba, nice to have you along here and thanks for the comment.

John, Thanks. I think the new basing style has really transformed the look of them and boosted my enthusiasm once again!

Ian, cheers. It took a bot experimentation and mixing to get that gun colour. On TMP some links were posted including a surviving original gun and the colour surprised me. It is much more khaki than green and was apparently made from Ochre with black lead added as I recall. I settled on:

Foundry yellow 'light' 2c
Foundry Forest Green 'light' 26c
Coat D Arms Horse tone! 'Dun'

About 50/50 of the 2 foundry colours and once I added a touch of the Dun it seemed to turn it to the correct shade. I'm sure there must be a ready made accurate colour out there but many are too green.

John de Terre Neuve said...

GW Foundation paint Gretchen Green will give you a very close approximation of the colour you have done, it is a mix between green, black and ochre.

Look at my French cannon.