Friday, 21 January 2011

Gribeauval system question.

I'm painting a couple more French artillery bases, and using Front Rank guns for the first time. The carriage is entirely different from the Perry version, really chunky and shorter. My question is was the carriage standardised or were they built in different sizes depending on weight of the barrel? There is just such a big difference between the manufacturers, but I'll use them whatever is correct as I like the big FR models. I'm planning to replace all my other 5 guns with FR guns anyway so its an academic question.

I have painted the other 8 FR 95th Rifles so that unit are now all FR metal.

Picture of the 2 carriages for comparison, and a shot of what I'm working on, including a lovely General of heavy cavalry in bicorne who will take command of my cavalry brigade.


Rafael Pardo said...

The Gribeauval system was a standardized one with excahngeable parts. You can find the true dimensions surfing the web!

Lee said...

Thanks Rafa,

The good people at TMP have provided me with much useful information.