Friday, 28 January 2011

More re-basing shots!

Had a bit of a photo session with some of the troops. I think of this as a bit of a watershed as I have now reached the end of my planned 'phase 1'. Plan was to build 2 balanced forces to play with, then build terrain etc and then return to add fresh units. I now also have to work in some time to develop the ACW project in 15mm! So what I have is:

8 battalions each of 16 figures.
2 Cavalry regiments of 8 figures each.
4 Foot artillery guns with 16 crew.
+ Command figures.

8 battalions each of 16 figures.
3 Cavalry regiments of 8 figures each.
3 Foot artillery guns with 12 crew.
+ Command figures.

That's enough for a lively little game I think on a 6 x 4 table. I decided to keep the infantry units in 16's as to do otherwise would have left me with a lot of leftover figures and repainting.

I'm going to take a short rest from figure painting now while I build up some terrain features. I buildings, trees etc. I might fit in a couple of the ACW units though.

Heres the pics, sorry if its overkill but I wanted to show some of each type on the new bases. Infantry bases are 60mm x 20mm.


MSFoy said...

Lee - superb work - they look terrific. Bases spot on. Nice job, and thanks for the pics!


Battlescale said...

Excellent work. I'm inspired to continue with my 20mm Naps now!
Great stuff.